From January 18th 2021 home learning will be acessed through Google Classroom and Zoom . The curriculum for pupils learning at home is the same for pupils who attend school. 

We will continue to monitor and assess our home learning provision in order to keep the children motivated and engaged. Please contact your child's teachers if you have any difficulty accessing the work or if we can help you in any way.

We have some spare ipads so if your child does not have a device to access the online learning and you require further support, please do not hesitate to contact the school office. 

We have recently introduced Well-being Wednesday when children will be encouraged to engage with more creative activities, bringing greater variety to the week. Fitness Friday involves a live fitness session run by different members of staff. 

Our remote learning programme for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday is set out below:

 Morning Live Lesson 1  English or Maths
 Morning Live Lesson 2  English or Maths
 Afternoon Live Lesson  Science/Art/Music/RE/PE
  • You do not need to join every live lesson

  • Do what learning you are able to with your child (some days will be better than others)

  • If you are able to, upload some work for the teacher to see. They can then give your child some positive feedback (Not every piece has to be uploaded)

  • Well-being Wednesdays are an opportunity to go off curriculum. You do not need to join in with the main class, take a look at the sheet attached. If you want to choose some of those or similar activities to do as a family that is great. The idea is to have some quality time with your child, if you are able to. If not, join in with what the class are doing or go on to Oak National for something even more structured

  • Fitness Friday is there to help motivate your child to have some exercise, again it is optional but highly recommended.

  • Let us know at any point if you are struggling or need help

  • Stay in contact and let us know how you are finding things

  • Know that you are all doing an incredible job with your child

Letters to Parents

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